Members Testimonials

This guy goes well!!! I’m Platinum Subscriber have been for a while now …. obviously has a great knowledge of the Racing Industry and must do mountains of form to perform so well. So ….. Get on and Giddy up!!

Chris C

Good service where the tipster actually communicates with the members. Doesn’t hide bad tips, and picks some very decent winners.

Jordan M

Champion tipster obviously has some unlucky days but majority of the time he is bang on. Would recommend this service to anyone looking for a flutter on the horses at a cheap price of 10 bucks on a Saturday or 30 bucks for platinum services keep up the awesome tips fella.

Jon M

This blokes insane! multiple days in a row now he’s hit multis, quaddies and all his best bets. highly recommend!

Ben C

This is by far the best tipping site going around. Mr TAB responds very quickly. Suggest everyone get on board.

Ralph K

Mr TAB is a genius. I don’t know what he’s done to gain the knowledge that he has, but his tipping ability is second to none. Definitely recommend paying the small $30 platinum fee……you’ll win that back in the first few days anyway!

Rochelle A

Great tipster. Won a fair bit thanks to this guy, obviously taken a couple of losses but it’s the name of the game. Can’t expect to win them all but Mr TAB definitely knows his stuff and I trust his tips.

Katie T

This guy is one of the best tipsters, I have ever come across. Has at least 2 winners everyday. Great value for money. Keep up the good work!

Charlie T

Great service and very helpful. Highly recommended. Great job Mr TAB.

John T

Definitely worth the $30 a month way in front.

Jason M

Great service not always spot on but who is..been platinum for 3 months after months of sat only and can honestly say well on top “take a bow Mr TAB ”

Paul D

Really knows his form Mr Tab .Have got some nice wins$$$.Just bad luck has beaten a couple of his tips Genius!!!

Darren H

Have purchased the $10 tip sheet the past 4 Or 5 Saturday’s and have absolutely cleaned up. Well worth it. Keep them coming. Cheers

Mark V